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A treat for Chai lovers

Taking you into the realms of those soothing aromas of tea; reminding you all the love your grandmother fed you with it.

When idea meets technology, chai meets hygiene; every person waiting to reward themselves with a cup of tea can walk into the Amruttatva Chai. High on immunity and energy – this Grandma researched recipe is Ayurvedic blending perfectly to soothe your taste buds without impacting your health.

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Amruttatva Chai
Why Choose Us?

Kadak Masala Chai exclusively of your taste

Amruttatva Chai
Unadulterated Tea

With no chemical ingredients

Amruttatva Chai
Similar in taste & flavors 24*7

Visit us anytime and find the same taste lurking

Amruttatva Chai
Extra Goodness

Relish the authentic tea with some freshly cooked delicacies


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